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Good News - Bad News

Which do you want first?

Tough, you're getting the bad news.

Last Friday I got a final rejection from the publisher's. While I had done enough in some of the aspects, I hadn't gone far enough with the rest of it. Still, I am not giving up hope and will re-work those bits again. You know what they say, a project is never finished... And I'm not ready to abandon it yet.

I haven't done a lot of writing recently, because I haven't been feeling very well. I guess the rejection probably hasn't helped much either, but I will get back to it. Only not straight away because of the good news...

I have been invited to contribute to a collection of short stories! I got an email from someone (I'm going to be a bit mysterious about it because he hasn't made any announcements about it yet, so I don't feel that I have the right to spoil it) on Monday asking if I'd like to take part. It's a self-published venture and idea is that each writer will have two or three short (less than 1000 words) pieces in it. I have just written the first one. It's really quite difficult going from trying to hit 80,000 words or more to trying to do something satisfying in less than 1000. I haven't read it through yet so I don't know if I've managed it. However, completing something, even something this short, still gives you a buzz. The idea came to me last night and is based on a piece of family lore. Again, I'm not going to say anything more just yet, because, hell, this could get rejected as well. We'll see...

Still, have a wordcount for it:

983 / 983 (100.00%)

That's a nice thing to see. A complete bar malarkey. Yay me!