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Oct. 19th, 2015

This past weekend has been quite a big one for my writing. I finished the re-edit of Ghostkin, turning the protagonist from the cis-male Eric into the transwoman Rachel.
I have described what I have done as 'doing a Ripley' in honour of Ellen Ripley from Alien who was originally written as male. On the whole, I have made very few changes in the text other than those necessary to make her female - so that is the name (obviously - although there are a few pre-transition flashbacks where she is still Eric) and her pronouns - bloody hell, there were an awful lot of pronouns. And I couldn't do a global search and replace because there were still a lot of male characters who needed to be 'him-ed' and 'his-ed'. (One of the things I found during the edit was that I had on occasion been a bit to liberal with the re-pronouning and some of the men had become feminised.)
While I had no intention of making the book 'about' Rachel's transgender nature - she is trans and this is important to her, but it's not about that. It's about her getting involved in a turf war between a human and a vampire, which I would suggest tends to make other things of secondary importance. However, I have added a few pieces about her transness including her first 'coming out' (which, obviously, ends badly because it has to, because, you know - story! - but not because of her trans nature.)

So, I now have six weeks to wait before the door opens on the Angry Robot Open Door submissions period. And I think the best way to fill that - as well as getting going on 'The Divide' again - is to ask for some beta readers to read Ghostkin and give me some comments on it. If anyone is interested, please let me know - either comment here or message me or, you know, get in touch anyway you want. Let me know what format you want to read it in, I can give it to you in most formats - doc, rtf, epub, mobi, pdf. Obviously, I need you to read it pretty quickly if I'm going to make use of any comments that you make and I make no promises that I'm going to take the comments on board... If you're up for it, let me know!

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