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Today, I started on the long process of getting Ghostkin into some kind of state ready for other people to look at. As I thought, the first chapter was pretty much a mess and the opening was terrible and needed junking entirely. I kept the same idea, but just re-wrote it entirely making it much better and helping to link the whole book together beginning to end. So, that's good. I need to change quite a lot of the rest of it as well, but it certainly wasn't as dramatic. I didn't get rid of whole paragraphs or pages, I just needed to tighten things up and change some of the clunkier pieces of phrasing. And make the protagonists grandfather into his father. And his father into his cousin. That's only because I've changed some of the timings in the back story rather than anything else, but I think it makes it stronger and work better.

Chapter two next. Hopefully, as I go on, I'll need to edit less. But, we'll see.

(Originally posted on samarcandbooks on 8th Aug, 2012 at 4:50 PM)