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A bit late

I didn't manage to write last week. Did you miss me?

In the last couple of weeks my writing has been less than it has been. I've still done a reasonable amount, but I've had to do other things. Like buy a new computer and get it set up.

Over Christmas, my last computer died. I took it Computer Orbit and they came back to me and said that the motherboard was gone and everything else was too old to do transfer it to a new one. So, for a bit more than I was anticipating having to spend, I've got a new computer. Specifically, this one. It's very nice and was extremely easy to set up and get back to something approaching normality.

So, I have done some writing - in the last couple of weeks, I've managed just over 5000 words which, while it is my target (2500 words a week), it's not as much as I'd have liked to do. Still, we'll get there.

Have a wordcount:

45555 / 80000 (56.94%)

This week

I have written! I was dubious about whether or not I was going to be able to hit my target, but I have done so and exceeded it! Yay me!

This week - well, since Thursday actually, I have managed to write 3420 words. And that means (drum roll please)

40492 / 80000 (50.62%)

I'm over half way!

It is pretty much fitting my plan, although this week I've actually added a new character who I am going to have to go back and put in place in a few earlier spots as well. That's okay though, I know where she's going to go. And, considering there are several other places where I need to make some fairly large changes, it's just one more thing to do. And it's all going to go on and make it a better story. Well, I hope it is, anyway. I am actually fairly certain that I'm going to exceed 80,000 words as well, but that's okay and really quite satisfactory.

Anyway, I have two parties to go to this afternoon, so I'd best go and have a shower and get dressed...

A count for 2010.

This last couple of weeks, what with Christmas and everything, I haven't done a whole hell of a lot of writing. I had visitors from last Tuesday until this Tuesday, which kind of got in the way of writing. I suppose I could have been all unsociable, but it's difficult when the computer is in the same room as everyone else. On top of that, my PC died at the beginning of the week and it took me about a day and a half to remember that we had a laptop for C's work and get that set up with a decent keyboard and attached to the monitor. I really don't like laptops. What I do want it one of the new Commodore 64's - it's the nostalgic fool in me.

Anyway, I finally got back to it yesterday and I've been pretty productive. The week isn't over yet, so I will, hopefully, hit my weekly 2500 word target (I've already done over 1500, so things are looking promising for that.) And that will take me over the half way point for Ghostkin.

I thought that I'd do a quick word count for the year though. Which is, basically, a count for the amount I've written in the last couple of months, plus a little more which I managed at a couple of other points thorugh the year.

And the total is: 23,704 words. Which is pretty crappy really for an entire year. Still, hopefully, I'll be able to improve next year and do a lot more. (I was going to write 'ten times that much', but I'm not going to say that, because that would be foolish. Even saying 'a lot more' is putting myself out there...)

Anyway, I hope you all have a very Happy New Year and here's to a brilliant (and, hopefully, published...) 2011.
Yes, folks. It's Sunday. It's Ten to One. And it... Crackerjack!!!

(Insert reply for those who really want to show (a) how British they are and (b) how old they are.)

It's been another good week. I had a couple of nights off, but I still managed 3735 words. Down from last week, but still half again as much as my weekly target. And I'm still really enjoying it. I'm still on well on target for 80,000 words, although I'm actually hoping it'll be closer to 90,000 or even more, but we'll have to see. I've also worked out what I need to change. So far anyway, I am fairly sure that there will be more changes to be made than the few I have listed.

Anyway, here's a partially-filled in bar to look at, with some numbers underneath it.

35372 / 80000 (44.21%)

A mid-week update

Several things to tell you all here, so I'll just say them quickly.
But I'll say them behind a cutCollapse )


And, with that oh so exciting subject, we come to this week's word count.

It's been another good week, breaking the four thousand word mark again - I managed 4069 words this week.

Look! Here's a word count bar.

31637 / 80000 (39.55%)

Better late than never...

Well, I said, pretty much this time last year that I had set myself a target of 30,000 words by December 31st. And I've done it... I just chose the wrong New Year's Eve to focus on.

I've actually done 10,000 words in the last three weeks, which I'm quite proud of, I have to say. I have had a few nights off, but I've managed to work for about 17 out of the last 21 days.

I'm not going to do an 'official' word count with a bar and the like, because there are another two days left of the week and I haven't yet managed to hit my baseline target of 2500 words in a week. I'll do it tomorrow and, hopefully, even get up to 3000 words for the week. But, I am not going to count my vampire rabbits before they hatch.

Oooh... that's just given me the inklings of an idea. A supernatural novel set in Newcastle? It's got to feature the Vampire Rabbit, doesn't it?

County County Count Count

Another good week's writing. I got to an important plot point and have managed to keep going every day, except Wednesday when I had an evening off. I feel really happy with the way the whole thing is going and it really feels like I'm going to be able to keep it up.

I managed 4164 words. Here's another of those groovy wordcount bars:

27568 / 80000 (34.46%)


It's kind of apt that I've started writing again during NanoWriMo. I mean, there's no way I'm going to get 50,000 words done this month - I've only been working on Ghostkin again for a week, but I've been very good about it. I didn't write last night, but I had hit my weekly target on Thursday and I made up for it by writing this morning.

The critique I got from the publisher has really enthused me again. I sent the re-edited version of Down Among The Yla off last week and get a reply back the next day, saying how excited he was to see the changes, but he had a backlog of work so it would be a few weeks before he got back to me. So, fingers crossed, a nice Christmas present could be coming my way! I'm not expecting it - either to hear before Christmas, or to get a contract, but still, a man can dream!

Anyway, this week I have written 3,580 words. Have a wordcount meter:

23404 / 80000 (29.25%)

It would be nice to keep this up. And I'm certainly going to try!


Done it! I've hit my target for this month.

To be honest, I could have done on Friday, when I stopped I was up 14,700 words, but I'd reached the end of a chapter and didn't want to start the next one. C's mother was up over the weekend, so I took a couple of days off. I know, no commitment whatsoever!

Well, I'm going to set myself another target of 30,000 words by December 31st. That may be slightly harder, because there's that whole Christmas thing in the middle of it and I'm going Down South for a dew days. Maybe I'll throw it on to Google Docs and work on it there. We'll see how far I get in the next few weeks. After all, that is still four weeks away and if I can keep up the pace of five thousand words a week, I'll make it with no problems.


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