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Missing days...

I haven't been around these parts much for the last three days. In fact, I've spent most of the morning (when I haven't been doing work. Which is to say the majority of time) catching up on the posts in my Friends list. And what the hell I'm going to do when I go on holiday, I don't know...

The reason why I wasn't around was because of server failure here at work. Not that anyone seemed particularly worried by that. Well, that covered Monday and Tuesday's afternoon. Wednesday was a day when I was off sick. You know those days when getting up and going to work is just about the last thing you want to do? Well, the nature of this job being what it is, I felt absolutely guilt in throwing a sicky. I really did need a day of quiet, calm rest and relaxation. Which is sort of what I had. And, for once, this included not spending the entire online. So I didn't catch up with LiveJournal, or comics news or anything. Terrible, eh?

But I'm back at work now. (Woohoo. It is, of course, an utterly gorgeous day. And I haven't got a book with me to go out at lunchtime and bask in the rays. I hate it when I forget my book. Even more than when I finish one and don't have an immediate replacement. At least then, you have the satisfaction of completion. Here, I'm stuck in the middle of it and I want to know what happens. Actually, it being Kate Adie's autobiography The Kindness of Strangers. So it's going to cover all the major news events of the past twenty years. (If you don't know who Kate Adie is the either Google her or imagine the character of War from Pratchett and Gaiman's Good Omens but a bit less glamourous. And from Sunderland. (Some may say that, as she's a Maccam, the 'bit less glamourous' remark goes without saying. Far be it from me...)

What I did do yesterday, apart from reading that, was to cook. Now, I maintain that I'm a bad cook. I find it difficult to follow recipes, have absolutely no imagination when it comes to deciding what to make and get very stressed and annoyed when it doesn't go quite right. This is the major reason that C cooks most of the time. However, she has insisted that once a week, I should cook.And I do this on a Wednesday. Although I am a bad cook (although I maintain that this is not helped by the terrible coking instructions that most things come with. I don't think that I've ever come across a pie or a pizza or whatever that actually takes the time that the packets say it takes to cook. Not even pasta takes the time they say it does. This annoys me. End of aside...) I have one dish that I make very, very well. This is Leek and Bacon Pasta bake. It is exactly what it says it. Leeks and bacon fried together then thrown in with some cooked pasta, covered with a cheese sauce and breadcrumbs thrown over all that, then shoved in the oven to brown off. It's delicious, I must say. Yesterday, overcome with a surfeit of lampreys - I mean, confidence - I decided to experiment a bit. So, I added mushrooms (which I often do and it improves it no end) and replaced the pasta with potatoes. I also added some mashed potato to the top of the dish and added some creme fraiche to the cheese sauce. It worked! Hoorah! Although, either the mashed potato, the sauce or both were a bit too liquid, so it didn't so much as sit on top of the dish as kind of sink into it. Oh well. It was still good. And I have some for lunch.

Wow, I'm going to end up like Chaz with his recipes if I'm not careful.

I also made some Elderflower cordial. When I say 'some' I mean six pints of it. It took about half an hour to actually prepare, three or four hours to cool down enough to transfer into containers suitable for freezing and an hour and a half to do the actual transfer. There are reasons for this. Because it's made with elderflowers (obviously) and said flowers are very small - as well as the odd insect that is stuck in there - perfectly okay though, as they did get boiled hard for five minutes) it needs filtering through muslin. Unfortunately, I don't have any muslin. What I do have are coffee filters. And I thought to myself, they'd do the trick. Well, I was sort of half right. Or perhaps a quarter right. They'd filter fine for between quarter and half a pint and then stop completely. So, in the end, I used up about fifteen of them. And, as I was busy watching the Live Aid DVD at the same time, I wasn't standing over them changing them every time they stopped working. So it wasn't too bad. However, as I was sort of planning to get bad no later then 10.00 last night and it was after 11.00 when I finally did, it wasn't entirely perfect. It tastes nice though.

Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man
Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
Adam Clayton - Mission Impossible
REM - Pilgrimage
REM - Femme Fatale
The Wedding Present - Don't Talk Just Kiss
Return to the Forbidden Planet soundtrack - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Pop Will Eat Itself - England's Finest
Bruce Springsteen - The Rising
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kinh soundtrack - Cirith Ungol
Pop Will Eat Itself - Dance Of The Mad
(Long entry this, isn't it?)



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Jun. 23rd, 2005 03:07 pm (UTC)
I felt absolutely guilt in throwing a sicky

Is this Freudian, or is it just that we've already used up today's supply of negatives?

Filtering through coffee filters: you'd think, wouldn't you? But I filtered a batch of sloe gin that was cloudy because the sloes had been frozen beforehand, and - like you said. Took forever!
Jun. 23rd, 2005 03:09 pm (UTC)
Er.. yes... er.. no... er...

And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. So it goes with typos...
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